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RJ's Rambles

The Verbal-Wafflings of a Squirrel

Hm, well, I like to draw and write. I don't read as much as I like to, though I do enjoy books with random junk trivia in them. I draw anime style mostly, but I do like the design aspects more. I wish I could be a fashion designer... if only I wasn't such a horrible sewer. I do like to talk about a lot of things- current news, movies, music, literature, anime and manga, video games and the gaming industry, and social stuff. I also wish I knew how to cook better apart from baking. Though pancakes MAY seem similar, they're not. I know because they hate me. END.

Oh, and for the 'Creation of an OC' guide, go HERE.

And for my page of avatars, go HERE.

And finally, if you're a writer, join fanficbunnies!

Thank you and enjoy!


RaineJoybringer ♥'s Gaara x Hinata